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How can I link to the site?
We encourage people to link directly to

Also, you may set up a form that will do a direct lookup on our site, just so long as you do not alter the results in any way. For example, you can set up a form that lets a user enter a domain, and will connect to our site to perform a DNS lookup. We prefer direct links, however. If you do have a form that is used for a lookup on our site, we would appreciate a mention of our site, so that users will know that the lookup is done through our site. Note that the format of the forms may change from time to time.

Can I Automate Lookups To Your

In general, we welcome as many hits to our site as you want to make - just so long as you are entering the information yourself, and viewing the information yourself.

What we do not normally welcome are automated lookups (where a program or script is connecting to our site to perform the lookups, usually extracting the data). With automated lookups, you are looking at the same data you could get if you connected directly via DNS, WHOIS, etc. in the same way our site does.

If you do have a need for automated lookups, please contact us first. In some cases, we may be able to make an exception, or we may be able to assist in finding better ways to get the data. Warning: If we detect automated lookups from your IP and you did not get permission to do so, we will most likely block your IP.

Do You Use Rate Limiting?

We have rate limiting in place specifically to deal with automated lookups. While most automated lookups aren't meant to be harmful, there are a number of spammers out there that try to use our site to harvest E-mail addresses from WHOIS. So we had to implement rate limiting.

If it does catch you, note that there are 2 different ways that you may be banned as a result of the rate limiting. One is a temporary ban, that can last from about 5 minutes to 24 hours. In this case, you should have access again within less than 24 hours. The second type of ban you should not need to worry about -- it is a permanent ban, which only occurs after we verify that there was indeed automated or malicious usage. If this happens, you'll need to contact us to get access again.

How Are Media Requests Handled?

If anyone involved in the media is looking for information related to DNS (or other networking issues, such as WHOIS), you've come to the right place. We will be happy to assist you, whether you are looking for fact checking, information, or a quote. To contact us use our contact form.